Crafting a new identity.

Sometimes, the hardest thing to brand is yourself.

Client: Sukle
Agency: Sukle
Role: Design & Art Direction

Sukle Advertising Identity.

One of my first tasks at Sukle was to give their logo and identity system an update. The agency had been in need of a new logo for years, but no one had the time to really give the logo the love it needed, nothing was quite hitting the mark. The new mark embodies the creative process at the agency. We are craftsmen. Like a blacksmith, we beat our ideas into submission and hone them until they are razor sharp. We work hard. We iterate. We don’t take the easy road. We make.

Sukle Logo
Sukle Business Cards

The theme of craftmanship goes beyond just the logo. We used time honored print methods, and absurdly high attention to detail and technique to create our stationery. The letterhead and stationery are letterpressed on high quality papers, and the business cards have a custom black & white duplex, letterpressed back, blind debossed logo, white engraved text for contact information, and magenta painted edges.

Sukle Stationery
Sukle Cup