Giving groceries a whole new bag.

Developing a branding system for a scattered brand.

Client: Lucky's Market
Agency: Sukle
Role: Design & Art Direction

Lucky’s Market

Lucky’s market isn’t your normal natural grocery store. They are a store that aims to simply carry good food, and make it available to everyone. Sure, you can by all natural, anti-botic free meat here, but you can also grab a can of Coke. What they really needed help with was creating a sense of unity within their store, and within their brand that really told their story of “good food for all”.

Lucky's Brand Book Cover
Lucky's Book Page

They approached Sukle to create a brand guide for their store. A set of visual standards and guidelines for the tone of the brand. The stores branding was scattered, they needed our help to unify the visual look of both the store and any materials the store would produce. We created a comprehensive guide that would help them set the tone for their brand.

Lucky's Book Spread
Lucky's Book History Page
Lucky's Book Promise
Lucky's Book Spread