Thousands of tiny robots.

Telling a story though packaging.

Client: Modular Robotics
Agency: Sukle
Role: Design & Art Direction


Cubelets are robot blocks that work together to do cool things. They were described by TIME Magazine as “the smartest toy blocks ever made” and we came to understand that firsthand once we were able to get our hands on them. What makes them more interesting than other robots is their ability to teach kids about system thinking and emergent thinking — that larger systems are made from smaller parts and that you can solve big, complex problems when you break them down to their essence.

Cubelets Box

Sukle was approached to develop a new packaging system for their Cubelets TWELVE pack in time for the holiday season. We wanted to create a package that would appeal to kids and adults alike, while also explaining the Cubelets story and standing out in a sea of competitive products.

Cubelets Cards
Cubelets Cards
Cubelets Blocks