Empowering Africa Though Sustainability.

Crafting a branding system for a non-profit.

Client: CCAE
Agency: Freelance
Role: Branding, Web design

The Colorado Coalition for African Empowerment

The Colorado Coalition for African Empowerment (CCAE) is a non-profit group of organizations that has a focus on creating a sustainable economy for African nations. It is made up of 12 smaller organizations that all have the same general theme in mind: generating funding to empower African people to learn, cultivate and make their own income. They approached me to develop a branding system and website for their organization.


If they wanted to position themselves to compete with other similar organizations for foundation funding, they would need to keep a strong, easy to identify, professional brand with strong ties to African culture. Color, texture and concept all had to merge into one solid visual system. The final logo represents growth and empowerment through then symbol of the seed. A seed is a great metaphor for what CCAE does. From one seed comes a plant, and many more seeds.

CCAE Cards
CCAE Standards
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